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The book is published by W.W. Norton & Company in the USA, and by Simon & Schuster in the UK. The US edition is sold in the US and worldwide, including Canada, Singapore, and Malaysia, but not in the British Commonwealth. Since online bookstores may not clearly distinguish the sales territory, if you want to make sure you get your copy in timely fashion, check the name of the publisher and/or the ISBN. To help you out, here are the various ISBNs thus far, by edition:

US Hardcover edition: ISBN 9780393647013
US Paperback edition: not yet issued
UK Hardcover edition: ISBN 9781471147968
UK eBook edition: ISBN 9781471128622

Online:, Amazon Smile, or | Barnes & Noble | Apple iBooks US or Apple iBooks UK

USA Independent booksellers:
BookPeople (Austin TX) | Harvard Book Store (Cambridge MA) | Kepler’s (Menlo Park, CA)| Odyssey Bookshop (South Hadley, MA)|  Powell’s  (Portland OR and online) | Or find an independent bookseller near you.

UK Independent booksellers (numerous outlets and some online sales):
Blackwell’s (shops throughout UK) | Hatchards (shops in Piccadilly and St Pancras, London) | Waterstones (use Shop Finder link at upper left for bricks-and-mortar stores)

We will soon provide some links for booksellers in Australia and other Commonwealth countries.


En nu, ook in nederlands!

Gorbatsjov: Zijn leven en tijdperk , Hollands Diep, 2017.
Gebonden, 976 p. ISBN: 9789048830169
Ebook | ISBN: 9789048830176 | € 9.99

Boekhandel: Athenaeum Boekhandel
e-Book: Amazon Kindle edition | Athenaeum BoekhandeliBook
Bekijk een review:Michael Gorbatsjov in een biografie van William Taubman